Rest, Recuperation, and Food (B)logging

10 Jun

I decided to take a much needed day of rest today. Well, it was sort of decided for me since I had to work at both of my jobs today, leaving little time for a workout. Then, around 2, I got a call that my shift was cancelled, and I suddenly found myself with a free Friday night. What to do? Reeeelaaaaaxxxxx. My muscles could definitely use a day off. I do feel guilty for not doing something active today, but I know I need to take a day off. I had trouble falling asleep last night because my muscles were too “jazzed” from my run to relax, if that makes any sense. They were super awake and not calming down when all I wanted to do was fall asleep. Not cool legs, not cool.

I had planned to start my meal (b)logging tomorrow when I had more time, but now that I have a whole night to myself, I will take advantage of it. The format of this might change so bear with me. And please note that I am not a nutrition professional. This is just what I’ve been eating and what I’m striving for so, as LeVar Burton would say,

“Don’t take my word for it.” Talk to your healthcare professional before implementing a new dietary or exercise program. Use your noggin. With that said, let’s begin.

Now the first thing that I needed to decide is what I want to get out of this. You would think that I would have already figured this part out, and to an extent, I have. I want to eat more healthily, pay attention to what I’m eating, and fuel my workouts properly. Yet, that’s only part of the issue. The other looming question is am I aiming for a certain number of calories per day. That is, am I also trying to lose weight through this whole daily food (b)logging process. This is the tougher question for me. It should be easy, right? You either want to lose weight or you don’t. The fact that I’m even questioning this leads me to believe that I do, but maybe I don’t want to put in the work. That might be a fair assessment. However, there’s a whole self-acceptance issue. For the most part, I’m pretty happy about where I’m at right now. Of course, there are things that I’m less than fond of, but overall I feel good about about my body and my improving fitness. I, also, don’t want this to turn into an obsessive activity that makes me get down on myself for what and how much I eat. It’s a fine line. I think for now it’s best to focus on getting the right balance of fruits, veg, starches, fats, and protein. I went to a nutritionist twice this past semester to get an idea of what to aim for each day and at each meal, and I found that I get plenty of produce but need to work on protein and starches (gluten upsets my stomach so I avoid it….most of the time…I occasionally cave to a glutinous treat when there are very few other options…and more rarely, just because I want it and I don’t want to be different – a really lame reason, but there it is). Writing out my food intake just for the last day and half has made it clear that I still need to work on getting a little protein at each meal, especially breakfast. I tend to get stuck on certain foods (you may have picked up on my continuing obsession with nachos), and for the last couple of weeks, that obsession has been Rice Chex with soy milk and a banana with a glass of oj. Not a terrible breakfast, but it doesn’t have much in the way of protein. I really dig oatmeal with nut butter for breakfast, too, so I think alternating days might be a way to get my Rice Chex with banana fix and still start (at least half of) my mornings with some protein. I’ve also thought about adding some slivered almonds to my cereal. I’m not trying to eat an extraordinary amount of protein each day; I’m just interested in getting a little with each meal and snack – a little of each category: produce, starch, fat, protein. Now, without further adieu, I give you my food (b)log:


Breakfast (8:15 am): Rice Chex, banana, soy milk, and 1/2 glass of oj

Snack (10:30 am): Oatmeal chocolate chip bar

Lunch (12:45): Nacho salad – romaine, spicy refried beans, black beans, green peppers, red onions, a little cheese, salsa

(Yeah, it’s sitting on top of the newest issue of Cosmo. Guilty pleasure. Don’t judge.)

Snack (2:40 pm): apple

Dinner (9:15 pm): almond yogurt with blueberries and walnuts

I have a pretty big gap between my last snack and dinner. I took a three hour nap after work, then I ran and showered. Hence going nearly seven hours between meals. Not exactly ideal, but it’s how it was last night. Overall, I don’t think it I did that poorly. I should have had some nuts or nut butter with my apple to give me a little protein boost, but I had a lot of beans in my salad. Obviously, there’s room for improvement, and I’m open to and looking for suggestions.

To help with getting everything I need from my meals, I checked out Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running, which has an eating plan.

I guess I’ll see how it goes. I plan to keep this food (b)log going for about two weeks. That should be enough time to see my eating patterns and pinpoint areas to work on. For now, back to resting.


2 Responses to “Rest, Recuperation, and Food (B)logging”

  1. Kat June 16, 2011 at 8:20 pm #

    I’m loving that you still use cosmo as a placemat 😉 reminds me of when we were young … and also, are you anti-flax seed meal added to your oatmeal? I love it!

    • vertige de la cuisine June 16, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

      I like a little flax in my oatmeal. i usually add a heaping tablespoon while I’m cooking it. And I LOVE chia seeds on top! I wait until after it’s finished cooking or they get a little too gel-ly for my liking.

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