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Magnus Bonus

3 Apr

A few more pictures from the trip. I can’t believe that I forgot to put in the moccasin warehouse photo. The focus isn’t the best, but as I hadn’t driven this route before, I didn’t know what kind of wonderfulness was in store for me until I was right on top of it and had to fumble for my camera while trying to stay on the road. Not an easy feat. Next road trip, I call shotgun. Sorry, Iulian; that’s how the saxis crumble.

As promised, the caramel-soaked brownie recipe will be up shortly:)


Coming Home Again

31 Mar

Yes, I know it’s blurry, but I was driving and I dropped my camera earlier in the day – what do you expect? The last week has been crazy busy and just plain crazy. I’ll leave you with some more pictures from the second half of my trip, the tease of caramel-soaked brownies, and the promise to have a more detailed post next time.

On the Road

25 Mar

I’m traveling again this weekend, although this time I don’t think I’ll have much time to discover new foods to recreate at home. Well, I will probably try my hand at recreating a mocha frappuccino, which I finished in record speed and will likely get at least one more of this afternoon – caffeine is essential to my survival today. It was an accidental order but ended up being surprisingly good. Where have you been all life? Oh, right, I was too good to order you with your frivolous-sounding name. How wrong I was. A chocolate coffee slurpee? Sign me up.

Conference sessions are taking up most of my day, and I’m spending all non-session-attending time revising and re-revising my presentation, which I give tomorrow morning. Already this morning, I’ve learned about silent-era stag films – including an animated one (see below –  very adult content), on which all the animated studios collaborated. This afternoon I’m going to hear talks about Hank Williams and the Velvet Underground. Best conference ever? I hope these papers will come close to the paper about Madonna’s music videos at CAA four years ago [“no re-entry!” shout out to k 🙂 ]. After my talk Saturday, I hope to hit up the art museum and Kinsey Institute. Then, off to my parents’ house for a day to visit, see my grandma, and stock up at Trader Joe’s!

In lieu of the dispersal of any culinary knowledge, I will leave you with some pictures of the crazy weather I encountered on my drive. Yes, I took these pictures with my Nikon whilst driving. I am very talent. Or reckless. Probably mostly the latter.

Spring Break pt. 2: Reconnaissance Mission

10 Mar

The great thing about being in a city again: food! Finally, amazing food everywhere. Like what, you may ask. How about fries drizzled with truffle oil for one. Gluten-free cupcakes for another [like the chocolate-coffee flavored beauty topped with cream cheese frosting and dusted with cocoa pictured above (captured by my trusty iPhone) from Hello Cupcake]. Oh, yes, my friend, you read those correctly. Look for versions of each of these wonders to be recreated upon my return home.

Spring Break – Woooo! Wait…

10 Mar

Nothing like a research trip on spring break.