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Running and P90X, Day 1

13 Jun

A story told in pictures:

“Running is fun, especially with my new iPod Shuffle.”

“Time to check out my mileage.”

“Alright! 2.61 miles at a new, faster pace. Holla. Damn my Shuffle looks good.”

“Hmm, what should I do now? I know! I’ll pop in my first P90X DVD: Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X.”

“Awesome idea!”

“Boy, that was hard (that’s what she said).”

“And this was just Day 1. It’ll get better, right?”

“And by the end of it, I’ll have a back like this!”

“Well, the girl version…maybe…”



9 Jun

After putting off my run all day, I finally went. It was a little hot (as you can tell), but a lot cooler than it was this afternoon. I really didnt’ feel like going today. I was feeling a little sore after doing Jillian Michaels DVDs and running two days in a row, but after a post-work nap, I bit the bullet. I also used my cute new running skirt as extra incentive.

(Self-conscious much? Check out that tiny mucle!) Kind of silly, but it did get me out of the house. I was even able to keep up my faster pace (well, close to it) while running the farthest to date. Woot. Woot.

Gratuitous sweaty shots? I’m considering doing a stint of daily food (b)logging on here as a sort of healthy eating experiment. I’ve got about two weeks before I head to my parents’ for my mom’s birthday (and I know that the chances of me eating super healthily while there are slim) and given my new dabbling in running, I thought it might be a good time to get myself on track. I logged my food today in my planner (because I am a nerd and still have one), but I haven’t decided on the format for the blog or even if I should really do it…Although I am leaning that way. Any thoughts?

Mission Accomplished!

5 Jun


I made it just over 2 miles alternating running and walking. Programming my playlist to alternate longer fast songs and slightly slower, shorter songs really helped me keep going  – it’s much easier to keep running up hills when I know Gaga is going to fade out in twenty seconds and I can walk. After mapping my route on Daily Mile, I realized that I definitely ran a lot faster outside than I did on the treadmill; I totally expected it to be the opposite! Even with walking breaks, my pace was a 12:47 mile, which I realize is pretty slooooooooooow for all you runners out there, but not too shabby for this snail. I copied my playlist below for anyone interested. I got home about a third of the way through “Monster” so I figure I was out for about 27 minutes.