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Almond Eggplant Enchiladas

20 Mar

As the main course of the birthday dinner, I served almond eggplant enchiladas with guac (recipe forthcoming) and chips. The enchilada recipe is adapted from Mollie Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook. The cookbook is amazing, and almost everything I’ve made from it has been a hit. The only downside to it is the amount of fat in many of the recipes. To make this recipe a little healthier, I sprayed a little olive oil on a pan and browned the tortillas instead of deep frying them. I’ve made them both ways, and I definitely prefer this method. The oil comes through a little too much for my liking in deep frying. This way you still manage to prevent sogginess without oil overkill. I also upped the amount of veggies to get more crunch, and the boat-load of black pepper provides a surprising amount of heat. Guac is a perennial favorite, though it rarely lasts long enough to photograph so you’ll just have to wait until the next batch, which will probably be made very soon. We paired the meal with a bottle of Sangre de Toro, partly because it tastes good, but mainly because it comes with a toy (see above). That’s the best way to choose a wine, right?

Almond Eggplant Enchiladas ~ yields 10 enchiladas


1 medium eggplant cut into small cubes

1 small onion chopped

2 cloves of garlic, minced

1 green pepper, chopped

½ cup sliced almonds, toasted in a skillet until fragrant

1-2 tsp black pepper (I used 12 grinds on my pepper mill, but I would probably give it a few more next time)

salt to taste

10 corn torillas

1 ½ tbsp olive oil

2 cans of red enchilada sauce

1 cup Monterey jack cheese for sprinkling on top


  1. Heat 1 ½ tbsp olive oil in a large pan. Add the onions and garlic. Stir frequently, and add salt. Cook until soft (about 5 minutes).
  2. Toss in the eggplant. Stir to combine. Cover and cook until soft (10-15 minutes depending on the size of your cubes). Stir occasionally to make sure nothing sticks.
  3. While the eggplant is cooking, sprtiz another pan with olive oil – I used my Misto, but you could also use a brush to lightly coat the bottom of the pan with oil. When the pan is hot, brown up the corn torillas one by one. They only need about 20-30 seconds per side. You want them to begin to turn golden but not get too crispy. As you finish the tortillas, stack them on a plate with a piece of paper towel separating them.
  4. By the time you’re almost finished with the torillas, you will need to add the green pepper, almonds, and black pepper to the vegetable mixture. Stir and cook for five minutes.
  5. Assemble the enchiladas by scooping a ¼ cup of the filling into a corn tortilla, roll it up, and place it seam-side down in a baking dish, ideally one the width of the tortilla. I fit five enchiladas per baking dish.
  6. Top the enchiladas with the red enchilada sauce (or you could use green, if you so desire), and top with cheese.
  7. Cover baking dishes with foil, and bake in a 350-degree oven for twenty minutes. Remove the foil after about 10 minutes. Turn on the broiler for a couple minutes if you like your cheese golden brown.
  8. Serve topped with sour cream or plain Greek yogurt.